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Aimee Hicks

Ms. Aimee has been a part of the AOD family since 1988.  During her time with the studio, Ms. Aimee has specialized in tap, ballet, and jazz while being a part of the Academy Showbiz Kids Dance from 1992 until 2002.  While dancing with the Showbiz Kids, Ms. Aimee received many High Achievement Awards including Top Scoring Solo.  Ms. Aimee has been a part of the Christmas Extravaganza since the Academy of Dance began the fundraiser (starting as a student performing in the shows and now as one of the teachers helping to make the show a success).  Ms. Aimee specializes in teaching ballet, tap and jazz to 2.5 to 8 year olds as well as intermediate tap classes.  Ms. Aimee has received specialized training from professionals such as Pat Sorrell, Jimmy Tate, Lorraine Graves, and many more.  Ms. Aimee has a Master of Business Administration from Strayer University and Bachelors or Arts in Mathematics (Psychology Minor) from Christopher Newport University.  Ms. Aimee believes “Knowledge is key to success.  With a strong foundation, every student has the opportunity to be a successful dancer.”
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