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Musical Theatre at The Academy of Dance and Gymnastics

Musical Theatre is a powerful tool to help children develop. Yes – you read that right!  Musical theater is an amazing way to bring your child to the next level of their music skills, acting skills, dancing skills, and especially their people skills. Putting your child in musical theater will help them learn everything they need to become successful and thriving for years to come!

What can you expect from our Musical Theatre Classes?

  • Be prepared for a creativity boost! Your child will be working on their acting skills and this is going to increase their thinking skills. They may be working on how to portray a certain character or how this character would react to a certain situation. They may even want to try new things alongside their musical theater classes. This newfound creativity is going to develop skills in your child that you haven’t seen before.


  • They will be willing to try new things, willing to be more outspoken, and willing to listen!  There will be a confidence boost too!  This confidence boost will help with their self-esteem and will give them the ability of self-reflection – a wonderful tool that helps them look back on what was right and wrong about the choices they have made, whether those be creative choices for musical theater or their own decisions. Creativity, confidence, flexibility, and self-reflection are all things to expect when your child enters into the musical theater world.


  • Acting will come into play, too. Acting skills will require memorization, personality, and lots of hard work!  Being able to recite lines and act as if you are another person is no easy task, but with the intricate coaching of our wonderful musical theater instructors, you will be able to watch your child blossom in a young actor or actress!


  • Our Musical Theatre program is taught by experienced instructors who love what they do, are passionate about the arts, and interact well with young students. 


  • The Academy of Dance Musical Theatre Program is under the direction of Broadway Star Tiffany Haas who starred as Glinda in Wicked on Broadway.  Tiffany is the Artistic Director of the prestigious Destination Broadway musical theatre intensive held each summer in New York City.


  • To offer a secure and safe environment for the development of your child's athletic ability

  • To provide a positive learning experience while challenging your child.

  • To help your child develop an enjoyment of physical movement by constantly adding new skills.



  • Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Sense of rhythm

  • Coordination

  • Posture/body tension

  • Muscular endurance

  • Static and dynamic balance

  • Confidence and self-esteem


We are very excited to have you as an Academy Student! We look forward to meeting you and sharing this wonderful sport with your child!

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