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See what others are saying about their experience with

The Academy of Dance and Gymnastics

"The staff and owners are great, both passionate and caring. Being a part of the Company Dance Team is like being part of a family. Cannot day enough good things about the academy, staff, talented dancers and their families."


"The staff I can’t say more. They have helped my daughter grow in skill and conference. They will take time to help these girls and I have saw this first hand. With Mr.John, Mr. Eduardo, Ms. Tiffany, Mrs. Pat, Mrs.Sam, and Mrs.Katie and many more that I can not say enough. Thank you Jim and Linda."


"I danced with AOD as a child and now my daughter since she was 3 and is now a company dancer “ShowBiz Kidz” highly impressed with my daughter’s skill level this year"


"Caroline started in recreational ballet at AOD when she was two and a half years old. She fell in love with dance and has danced in their Company - competition team since she was 6 years old. She just turned nine and there is no place she'd rather be.The instructors are phenomenal. The sky is the limit at AOD!"


"My baby loved it the people the staff the show they was in all greatness that start with great people."


"The staff and owners are great, both passionate and caring. Being a part of the Company Dance Team is like being part of a family. Cannot day enough good things about the academy, staff, talented dancers and their families."


"My daughter and grandaughter are a part of this studio, and I can't be more thankful for all that Linda, Jim, Tiffany and the staff of the Academy have done for my girls."


"I've been dancing with the Academy of Dance ever since I was 5 years old. This studio has been like a second home to me to dance the stress out, have positivity mind collective thoughts and full of energy with the people that treat you like family. That's how I felt when I first danced there, I felt like I had a second family all sisters and brothers. Linda and Jim Haas has been amazing over the years and if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't be the best that we can be. AOD will always be family to me."


"My daughter loves to dance. We moved to AOD 4 yrs ago and can't believe how much she has grown as a dancer. Her confidence and ability to work hard has been tested. She tells me it is fun and challenging and she could not see herself dancing at any other studio. She joined the competition dance team 3yrs ago. The teachers are wonderful and know how to bring the best out in her. Very happy for our family to be part of AOD."


"Best dance studio on the peninsula! My girls have learned amazing technique and life lessons dancing with the fabulous staff of AOD! We can't wait for many more years if excellence!"


"My granddaughter has been with the Academy family since she was just a tiny dancer. It's been wonderful watching her blossom into the accomplished young woman that she has become. I would recommend this studio (and have) to anyone who wants a wholesome and positive dance education for their child. It's about a lot more than dance. It's about learning to become successful in all endeavors!"


"I love this studio I grew up with this studio and best believe I would recommend any one to go there I will be coming back home and my daughter will be going there the staff is wonderful"


"Home is where the heart is. AOD is my home my heart and soul."


"My daughter did the 2 yr old ballet class over the summer and the instructors were excellent! Positive and upbeat!"


"I was able to get an amazing scholarship to college, and it's thanks to the Academy! I've danced here ever since I was a little girl, and the Haas family has been amazing! They have taught me to work hard for my dreams, and now they are coming true. If I didn't dance here I wouldn't be the same person I am today. 
The staff are amazing too, they love their job. It always makes the difference when a teacher loves to teach. And hopefully one day, I'll be just as an amazing dance teacher as they are now. LOVE YOU AOD!!!."


"I love this Academy my girls danced for a long time and know my Grandson is brings back so many memories and they have helped and opened doors for so many children."


"After dancing there since I was 3 years old, now my daughter is getting the same great instruction I did so many years ago. We have always loved the Academy. I can't think of people who love their dancers more than Jim and Linda."


"Love the Academy of Dance! Not only do the students learn dance, but they learn about community service. What it takes to work as a team. "


"My daughter is in love with this ballet studio! We are both very excited for the June performance!"


"My daughter took gymnastics here when she was 2-3 and now she does hip hop dance and she's 6 .she loves it ! Season off to a great start!"


"I just want to some love for this dance company make me proud and I like to say hello to Miss Linda, the owner."



We are very excited to have you as an Academy Student! We look forward to your child being a part of our program!

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